Sonja Rzepski, Sr. yoga teacher from New York is visiting Zagreb again!

"The deeper we take our own practice, the more we can - in a safe and healthy way - help our students and help our fellow yogis." - Sonja 

We from Gaia shala simply LOVE her - not only as an inspiring teacher who truly makes this world a better place, but also as a friend and amazing human being, as she shines through her whole presence and has the amazing ability to uplift a whole room and inspire you just by being around her - even if it's just on the phone :)

The subject of Yoga Therapy is quite vast and we wanted to share some of Sonja's amazing energy, stories and inspiration with the Gaia Tribe before the upcoming workshop. So Tom got on a call with Sonja. The connection was not always perfect, but we are sure Sonja's stories will inspire you and uplift your day just by listening to her.

We kept it super short. But in just a little over 15 minutes we were able to cover a lot of ground.

Here is what Sonja talked about:

  • How knowledge of Yoga Therapy will enable yoga teachers to offer specific and proven modalities to help their students with particular challenges, for example trauma, disease or life challenges 
  • The inspiring personal story why Sonja started her studies of Yoga Therapy 
  • The exciting content of our upcoming Zagreb TTC and what the participants will learn about applying the principles of Yoga Therapy in group settings, one-on-one private classes, in their personal practice as well as in specific settings such as hospitals, schools etc.
  • How her work with Yoga Therapy in hospitals supports the healing process of patients
  • How olympic long distance athletes are breaking their personal best results by adding yoga practices to their routine 
  • How her approach to teaching and practicing Ashtanga Yoga - her main practice for many years - has evolved with the knowledge of Yoga Therapy
If you are interested to learn from Sonja in person, you can join her classes & workshops in our shala from 23rd to 27th September 2019. There will be a whole week of Mysore practice, her Yoga Therapy Training, and two weekend sessions (Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra workshop). Read more about it here or write us at info@gaia-yoga.com

Enjoy our conversation and let us know if you have any further questions or topics you would love to hear more about from Sonja!



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