Radionica napredne anatomije i biomehanike za yoga vježbače, yoga učitelje i body-work terapeute: Temelji se na fascijama - vezivnim tkivom koje obavija svaki mišić, kost, žilu, živac ili bilo koji organ u našem tijelu te direktno utječe na sve sustave - posebno mišićni i živčani.

Anatomy Clinic: Fascia - 3D support structure of the asanas (part 1)

Pozivamo sve yoga vježbače, yoga učitelje i body-work terapeute na vrlo zanimljivu radionicu napredne anatomije i biomehanike, koju drži dugogodišnja shiatsu praktičarka Marina Linčir, osnivačica i dugogodišnja ravnateljica Shiatsu škole - Hrvatska te Senior Teacher u Internationale Shiatsu Schule - Austria.

What is fascia and what does it have to do with yoga, our body and our overall mental and physical health?

"Explore how our 3D support structure - our connective tissue (fascia) is connected to the strength, stability and flexibility of our body and mind.
Fascia is a fibrous tissue that ‘connects’ every cell in our body. This connective tissue forms a 3 dimensional web of our body, extending from our head to our toes. Fascia surrounds and infuses every muscle, muscle fiber, bone, blood vessel, nerve and organ in our body. It also directly affects our body systems like our muscular and neurological systems.

It's only recently being appreciated for the invaluable role that it plays in the body's health and functioning. Much has been written and taught about the more familiar structures of the body—our bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels, and nerves—and for years of anatomical study, fascia was disregarded as nothing more than an inert “space-filler” inside of us. In fact, the field of fascia research is so new that there is an incredible amount that we still don’t know about this mysterious tissue. But one thing we can confidently report is that fascia is a much more dynamic, communicative, and integral part of the body than we previously realized.

When we talk about the physical benefits of an asana, we often focus on which muscles are being stretched or strengthened in that particular pose. We’ll say that pashchimottanasana (seated forward fold) “stretches the hamstrings." But in reality, our muscles are completely surrounded and interwoven with three distinct layers of fascia. In fact, these three fascial layers blend together at either end of a muscle and become its tendons. Muscle and fascia are so intertwined that a muscle, collectively with its tendons, is often referred to as a myofascial unit instead of simply a muscle.
This means that during asana practice we are always manipulating both our muscles and our fascia at the same time. There's not a single pose out there that targets only our muscles or only our fascia. Additionally, our muscles (or myofascial units) never truly operate as individual, isolated muscles, even though we often talk about them behaving that way. Via fascial connections, muscles are linked into long functional chains, and really, it's these larger myofascial chains that are responsible for our movement. Instead of focusing on the separateness of our “parts," fascia gives us the opportunity to appreciate the reality of our interconnectedness."

Radionica je dio GaiaYoga TT500 programa, ali je otvorena za sve polaznike. Na hrvatskom.

Marina bio:

Voditeljica seminara je Marina Linčir, shiatsu praktičarka, osnivačica i dugogodišnja ravnateljica Shiatsu škole - Hrvatska, Senior Teacher u Internationale Shiatsu Schule Oesterreich.

gost predavač | certificirana Shiatsu praktičarka

Program details

Ideja koju istražujemo na ovoj radionici je da je naše tijelo kanal za inteligenciju puno višu od naše mogućnosti poimanja. Želimo naučiti komunicirati s tjelesnom inteligencijom, biti prisutni i otvoreni, ugoditi sebe na pravu frekvenciju te podržati samoregulirajuće životne mehanizme. Tako se povezujemo s izvornim znanjem svjesnog pokreta i dodira, koje će nas podržati kao profesionalne praktičare i suvremene ljude.

Tjelesni medij koji koristimo u ovom radu je sveprisutna fascija, provodljiva u svim smjerovima kroz vodljiva svojstva fascijalnih vlakana i fascijalne matrice (tekući kristal).

Kroz pojedine radionice ovog ciklusa fasciji pristupamo na različitim razinama: površinska fascija i sustav za kretanje, duboka fascija, meridijani, primarni sustav prednjeg i stražnjeg medijalnog kanala... te time povećavamo djelotvornost već znanim pristupima u radu na tijelu.

Primijenit ćemo naučena znanja na pokret i djelovanje tijela u različitim asanama.



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Reservation of your spot is possible only upon the payment of 100 kn of non-refundable deposit.

Gaia TT's:  350 kn
Full price:   400 kn

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The deposit is non-refundable.

For full payments: cancellations made more than 60 days before training start date will not incur cancellation charges and will receive a full refund (except for the bank transitions charge). Cancellations after that date will incur 50% cancellation fee. One week prior to the course no refund will be possible.

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I agree that organisers reserve the right to accept or kindly decline the application of a participant at any time, to make changes in the schedule whenever reputed necessary for the comfort and convenience to all participants. In the case that the event is cancelled or postponed organisers shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of money or expenses paid by the participant if the event cannot be re-scheduled.

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