Advanced yoga studies with Javier Castro

October 30 - November 1, 2020
(14 hrs of advanced GaiaYoga TT500 program)

"When you move from the centre you create beauty and harmony. Sacred geometry is a way to express that love, to release that beauty and express it in every situation, in your yoga practice, in what you see, in what you feel, then that beauty can be shared and harmony is at hand."   J.C.

For already sixth time we are honoured to host in our shala this charismatic, entire-life-dedicated yogi who has been traditionally trained in monasteries since his youth, spending his whole life as a yogi scholar. His deep knowledge of yoga and his passionate way of teaching make each of his workshops an amazing and unforgettable experience! 

The main theme of this immersion workshop will be Asana as a gesture, the place where Yoga naturally happens. Usually we want to come out of the Asana to soon, faster than the necessary time needed to enter the “yoga zone”. In this workshop we will deepen the Sthira Sukham concept, wrongly attributed to confort or easiness where it should be translated as pleasantness that rises from the discipline of prolonged staying, peeling the layers of uncomfortable opening, deepening and allowing the true inner happiness to come to the surface: the Ananda Sukha - Happiness of the Soul, finally reaching Sthiti - stillness, the  serenity of the Soul that comes from the practice.


Dynamic immobility

In truth, there cannot be a true “stay” or immobility in a posture because all asana is controlled by the breath and a correct breathing implies movement of the body, fluids are constantly adjusting inside organs, 70% of the body is water. Permanency without a previous movement does not exist. Even postures maintained during a specific time imply the movement caused by breathing. This state is a dynamic immobility more than absence of movement.
We will discuss:

  • The state of dynamic immobility, moving beyond silence, diving in to awareness 
  • How to move in order to know how to stay in a determined posture
  • Breath performed to maintain a posture and expand for the body dynamics 
  • The psoas and the diaphragm - a love story unfolding, from the lumbar spine through the groin 

Body Dynamics 

Explore the latest findings on sport technology applied to asana, the actions that sustain life inside the practice and help you to fully express it with finesse, digesting the information as a result of the slower pace, only by means of that wisdom, the true sensitivity for manual adjustments rises, exploring this way receptiveness.
We will cover:

  • The tree Dynamics, the keys of the inner temple
  • Deepening your knowledge of life inside asana yoga
  • Manual adjustments refinement, pair work

Krama and progressive training 

Gain insight in yoga asana practice and teaching. Learn basic and advance sequencing, specific choreography to apply in each of the main groups of Asana. We recommend this immersion to all practitioners regardless of the style they are practicing, but it is especially designed for the teachers, as there will be time to  explore the sequences, practicing, experiencing and understanding them.
We will be working with:

  • The main group of poses and the use of props to assist, deepen and grow
  • Yoga Kramas practice, adjustments and teaching, basic and advance students 
  • Design programs in the appropriate way for students with diverse needs

Work on the classical groups of yoga 

Targeting by session and day focus mainly on a given group, introducing modifications and the effective  use of props like rope, blankets, chair, belt, and bricks. 



MODULE I (3 hrs TT500)  
Friday 30 October from 17:00 to 20:00

  • Basics to new comers ABC of the preparatory exercises, basic use of props 
  • Vinyasa krama, progressive asana, surya namaskar variations, intermediate and advance

MODULE II (6 hrs TT500)
Saturday 31 October from 10:00 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 17:30 (lunch break: 90 minutes)

  • Utthista Sthiti Standing poses 
  • Udara Akunchana Sthiti Abdominals and toning exercises 
  • Adho mukha Sthiti hand stand inverted poses 
  • Upavistha Sthiti seated poses and hip openers
  • Viranta Karana restoratives

MODULE III (5 hrs TT500)
Sunday 1 November from 11:00 to 13:30 / 15:00 to 17:00 (lunch break: 90 minutes)

  • Purva Pratana Sthiti back extensions
  • Parivrita Sthiti twists poses, and spine health promoters
  • Paschima Pratana Sthiti forward bends
  • Viparita Sthiti inverted shoulders and head stand poses 
  • Viranta Karana restoratives



FULL WORKSHOP:      1400 kn  / early bird* & Gaia TTs: 1200 kn
FRIDAY MODULE:        400 kn  / early bird* & Gaia TTs:  300 kn
ONE MODULE (SATURDAY OR SUNDAY):        700 kn  / early bird* & Gaia TTs:  600 kn


Gaia cancellation policy: up to 21 days before the workshop 50% of refund is possible. After that date no refund, unless is cancelled by organisers / teacher due to Covid situation.
*Early Bird until September 3, 2020.

About Javier:

Javier is the founder of Yogashala Institute and Yoga Shala Marbella in Spain, and teaches the latest findings in the field of biomechanics, to prevent injuries while performing asanas and thus safely support the free flow of energy in the body, which is vital to live fulfilled. He is also an expert on yogic philosophy, especially the direction of Kashmir Shaivism.

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