The art of cultivating one's breath: an in-depth pranayama course

Pranayama The Mastery Of Breath


This course evolved out of Tom’s daily pranayama practice for the past decade, and of his study with his teachers Paul Dallaghan and O.P. Tiwariji who guide him along the way.

This Intensive includes 30 hours of in-depth experience (introduction, practice & explanation of techniques and their effects) to build an extended understanding of one’s own pranayama practice. From there - with your daily dedication - your practice will develop and evolve, so you can also be able to pass it to others.

Often overlooked in today’s yoga world, Pranayama is one of the most powerful tools that yoga has to offer. With a wide range of techniques, a pranayama practice equally yields physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits to anyone who is willing to put in the discipline to build a relationship with one’s own breath. The power that lies in pranayama and in utilizing one's own breath can best be understood in a unique blend of direct experience of the techniques, mixed with a presentation on the physical effects we get from modern science but as well considering yogic knowledge through a long lineage of teachers and yogic scriptures.

By working with an experienced teacher, your personal breathing practice is tailored to your individual needs and therefore can suit everyone from the absolute beginner for which a more physical asana practice may be too strong as well as the most advanced yogi that is accomplished in asana practice and wants to dive into even subtler practices to cultivate and extend their energy.

As pranayama practice is one to be practiced mainly by yourself while regularly being monitored and guided by a teacher, we will have a regular pranayama practice (for example on Sunday mornings) to give you the opportunity to check in with us, fine-tune the details of the practice and to ask any questions that might come up. Practicum of minimum 4 individual check ups is required throughout the course.

This Intensive is consisting of 4 modules (Saturdays from 9:30 to 5:30). In English.

Learning will be based on:

  • Direct experience through in-depth practice sessions and individual guidance
  • Personal pranayama prescriptions given to each student and a regular follow-up on the practice
  • Understanding the philosophy, anatomy and details through lectures and Q&As
  • Understanding the indication and effects of various pranayama techniques
  • Being able to share safe and simple breathing techniques with others, tailored to the students needs and limitations
  • Scaling the practice (up and down) from absolute beginner to advanced
  • Directed self-explorative study of specific aspects of pranayama practice

The first part of the course (module 1 & 2) is for beginners of pranayama as well as advanced practitioners. You will either settle the firm base for your own personal practice or will move a step forward into more advanced pranayama techniques and deepen your understanding of the entire subject.

The second part of the course is for certified TT200 / TT500 teachers or students with a regular pranayama practice.



This module is opened for all the students - beginners and advanced.
It covers classical pranayama tecniques as descripted in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, as well as detailed Anatomy of breathing.
This module includes 4 individual follow ups until the module 2 (Sundays prior to Mysore practice).


This second module is a continuation of module 1, and includes basic elements of Pranayama practices.
It also covers Energetic anatomy that is at the base of Pranayama tecniques, as well as practice of classic yoga kriyas.


This third module is part of Advanced course and it requires experience in pranayama practice.
As we progress in understanding of subtle effects of pranayama practice, we will discover its application in Yoga therapy, and how it can effect each dosha in Ayurvedic approach. 


This part of the Intensive is for certified yoga teachers only (TT200 or TT500).
Basic informations about how to share pranayama practice with the students will be given, as well as how to follow up the students according to their individual ayurvedic constitution.

Edukacijski team

Tom Richter

glavni predavač | | Ashtanga Mysore Program Director | E-YT500

Tom je certificirani učitelj i dugogodišnji predani ashtangi koji vjeruje u dobrobiti učinaka joge kroz svakodnevno prakticiranje Mysore stila.


Sandra D. Bianco

gost predavač | | Founder · Teacher Trainer | E-RYT500 & RPYT

Sandra je certificirana Sr. učiteljica (E-RYT 500 / 1100), jedna od pionira dinamične joge u Hrvatskoj, osnivačica GaiaYoge i voditeljica prvog hrvatskog programa za obuku učitelja.


Uvjeti upisa


Prvi modul otvoren je za sve yoga studente. Modul 3 je namijenjen studentima sa regularnom praksom pranayame, dok je modul 4 otvoren za certificirane TT200 i TT500 učitelje. Rezervacija mjesta moguća je isključivo uz nepovratnu akontaciju.


Nakon završetka čitavog intenziva (30 sati obuke) dobiva se 'Certificate of 30 hrs of advanced practices'. Intenziv je dio GaiaYoga TT300 obuke te vrijedi i kao YA C.E.


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