Ashtanga Yoga is a system build for slowly transforming ourselves through working and exploring our body, mind and spirit. By dedicated and regular practice over a long period of time, we  build a strong and healthy body, a disciplined and focused mind and find a more authentic and coherent way to ride the highes and lows we call life while staying more present and aware and taking full responsibility for our choices on and off the mat. 

From the outside, the practice of Ashtanga Yoga might seem primarily physical. Yet, anyone who has continuously engaged in it will agree that the power of Ashtanga lies behind the mere physical effort. Ashtanga askes for discipline, it demands to show up, do the work, does not take no for an answer. It makes you feel high - only to humble you to the bone in the very next moment. It pushes all your buttons, triggers any unresolved issues, asked for pure presence. But it rewards you with a feeling of strength, grace, empowerment and a love for life like no other practice I know of.

To attempt to understand this system and to share it with others needs curiosity and diligence in all aspects, perspectives and levels of practice and life, not just an ability to perform the asanas in the correct way.

This is hardly ever a straight-forward process and a never-ending one for sure. Whether you engage in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga or want to share it with others, you have to be curious and evolving by facing new challenges every day. This is a demanding but also gratifying process. It asks for continuous curiosity, an uninterrupted open-mindedness and the discipline to keep stay present and be responsible - as in able to respond - to whatever shows up in this very moment.

Into our upcoming 'In-Depth study of Ashtanga System', we have poured all our love and endless appreciation for this practice. We do not attempt to teach you the usual "tips and tricks" that will make you a „better“ practitioner or teacher. Instead we want you to get inspired and amazed about all aspects of this practice and its effects we have seen on ourselves and our students during past 10 years of teaching in the Mysore setting. We want you to learn and benefit from sharing our long-time experience of practice and teaching.

Perspectives of the Ashtanga practice that we will continuously come back to throughout our In-Depth study include the history and roots of practice in the tradition of yoga, functional anatomy and a bio-mechanical understanding of the asanas and vinyasas and kramas, subtle anatomy and energetic aspects of the practice, teaching spirit and technique, understanding hands-on adjustments and individualizing it to the momentary needs of each practitioner, supporting and guiding practitioners over a long period of time, the importance and science of breath and its effects, the vinyasa count and the Ayurvedic perspective on the Ashtanga practice.

Our intention behind this In-Depth study is that you - as a practitioner or teacher - will grow a much deeper understanding of the Ashtanga yoga method in regards of what we do, how we do it and why we do it and be able to know (for yourself or a student) what the best application of the method is in every moment.

Are you curious and want to know more about our first workshop
We will cover all aspects of the core method of Ashtanga Yoga - Mysore (self-led) practice, and the art of talking with hands throughout the individual approach of the hands-on adjustment.   


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