A couple of years ago, during my summer holidays, I decided to give my health a booster - to detox my body from sugar, gluten and stress. My brain was foggy, my focus was hard to maintain, my body was heavy and blown up and my energy low. So I started, having a long summer month ahead... I moved more slowly, I tried to use as fewer words as possible (sometimes being in silence for the whole day), I had some weeks off from facebook, internet and emails, and for the rest of the time, I tried to use it only if needed. I cooked daily a healthy and fresh meal for myself with love, stopped eating bread or anything containing gluten, and - what I thought would be the hardest one - stopped eating chocolate or any form of sugar. Well, I decided not to be too hard to myself - if at any time I would really crave something, I would allow myself to have it. So I did - to resist to a few 99% chocolate cubes cakes was really hard ;-). But for a person like me, a day without something sweet was almost impossible (the Italian habit of finishing lunch or dinner with sweetness in the mouth was firmly established for decades), so reducing sugar by more than 95% was significant. And AMAZINGLY successful!

I'd start my day with freshly squeezed lemon and filtered water with ayurvedic Ashwaganda remedy, and yogic kriyas (for detoxing there's nothing better than Nauli and Kapalabhati!), had at least 45 minutes of daily yoga playground on the mat, exploring asanas and my body's capability (and having SO MUCH FUN!). Besides just being in the sun, I added long walks and pranayama by the sea to keep the connection with Nature and its elements (which offered me a gift of an amazing "talk" with an old pine tree). 

The result? My body was so much more vibrant and alive, toned and in shape, my mood improved drastically - feeling constantly overwhelmed with happiness, the stress was wiped away and I could immediately feel when it tried to get me, but the most amazing thing was my mind: sharp and connected, brilliant thoughts, deep understanding and amazing creativity!

To keep it up was hard, so in no time I found myself eating loads of carbs again: a daily piece of cake became my stress reliever, and once more I got caught in this circle of eating loads of sugars - mostly hidden, but also quite obvious ones. So this time I had 60 days goal - no carbs whatsoever! It was harder than the first time, but I had friends who were such an inspiration and support: sharing recipes, experiences, some even came to cook carb-free meals and sugar-free cakes for me… 
The result was once again dramatic: my skin was glowy, my body so much more flexible and energised, my mood happy, and my mind so crystal clear! So this time I decided to keep my eating habits more conscious and clean.

Sugar is really a drug - it keeps us in a "sugar blob", reducing our potential of being fully intelligent and aware. It feeds bad bacteria in our guts, it makes us tired, dull and more prone to depression and lethargy. It supports stress and ruins our teeth, our skin and our bones… So give it a try, and see for yourself. I recommend it with all my heart!


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