The path from a simple yoga practitioner to a yoga teacher starts on the mat, in one special moment of one’s practice, when the passion and love for yoga become a force to which we simply must surrender and let ourselves go. From that moment on we can only follow the path, that so clearly is becoming ours, and share with sincerity all we have within us. Like an inner call, a voice from the heart – THIS IS IT!

Something like that happened to me – the things came across my path in a way that I could only follow and see where and how it is going to unfold. And step by step, day by day, year after year – here I am: 15 years from my first Mysore practice, and nearly 20 years from chanting Ommm on the mat after my very first yoga class. The love was born, and it is still inflaming my heart.

But as every true love, this one also was, and still is very challenging - demanding all my time, my focus and my full dedication and energy. There were times I felt just like Shavasana, times when I didn’t want all that emotional opening in certain poses, times when the pain was a constant companion on the mat, but also times when all my cells were craving for deep and sweaty practice, times for the full commitment, and times for slowing down, like when I was pregnant and still practiced until 2 weeks before giving birth.

Every time I take that first breath and move on my mat consciously I feel home. And that’s why I am doing it. That feeling of deep connection within, like coming back to my sacred place, to myself. This is my motivation of sharing yoga with others for more than a decade, with all my love and dedication I am capable of.

But being a yoga teacher doesn’t only mean to aspire to teach a great class, to hold the space for the students, and eventually inspire others to re-connect within. It also means being a dedicated yoga student and keeping on learning on a daily basis. It means being constantly challenged and pushed over personal boundaries, out of the comfort zone over and over again. It means questioning daily all that we learned up to the present moment, and all that we know or we think we know. It means observing our inner yamas and niyamas, and keeping strong our intention to stay sincere and true to yourself.

And for sure there are also those ‘down-to-earth’ matters, such as running the shala or the studio, dealing with injuries while having to keep teaching, paying the bills successfully, staying present on the yoga scene without selling yourself or yoga on social media… To be or not to be – is an old, well-known question. And another one is – aren’t there already too many teachers in the world?

If you sincerely love the yoga practice(s), if you feel that intense flame in your heart, if by giving you feel deeply nurtured and happy - keep on doing it, keep on sharing, keep on uniting people. And the world WILL BE a better place.


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