I love to travel. Passionately, incessantly, discovering new views, angles, colours, smells and vibrations. Allowing to be taken by that soft flow and let myself go. Getting to the other half of me - free, unknown, fully opened to the new experiences and non-judgmental. Just present.

Travelling gives me the feeling of melting away the me-role I am wearing in everyday life. It feels like the edges of myself becoming softer and smoother, and my barriers falling down by my own decision.

Life doesn't wait or slow down for better opportunities - in this material reality, time flows endlessly, rapidly, and from the first, to our last stop the ride is really short. Therefore a couple of years ago I decided that I will go somewhere new every month - even if its only 30 km away from my place. To keep my eyes filled with beauty and the mind with wonder. To keep the openness toward the new. To experience life through santosha, contentment, with my heart thrilled with the excitement of new discoveries, and in love with the world.

Since then I visited 32 new places, some closer, and some quite far away. Each of them I enjoyed fully, even if just 2 hrs drive from my home.

So just a reminder (to myself): follow NOW your passions, dreams, all of it that makes you happy! If you decide it - everything is possible!


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